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Bend, OR

OSU Cascades- Psychology

Climber, Skier, ex-pro Cyclist

Full-time Pirate

Founder of Intent Education

On the Monkey, ditching the aiders, Mar 2020
Serenity Falls, Montana, Dec 2020
Heading up the Matrix in Hyalite, Dec 2020
Approaching Middle Sister, Oregon, Dec 2020
Deep in The Mace, Sedona, Arizona, Nov 2020

Adrien Costa // Pirate Alpinism

The aim of this site is threefold. Firstly, it is a convenient place for myself to reflect upon my adventures, hopefully learn from some mistakes, and take each moment with equanimity. Additionally, it helps me track my evolution and experience as a budding alpine climber in various mountain environments and media.

Secondly, as a climber with a prosthesis, there is a certain societal stigma that I aim to break. I hope to convey the simple message that it is not physical, but psychological limitations that stand in the way of our goals in any domain, and that there is always a way to adapt to any given situation. I hope to inspire folks to follow their dreams regardless of how audacious or improbably they may seem, whether it be in sport, career, or personal.

Finally, as a climber, I’ve struggled with bringing clarity to the meaning of climbing and the interaction we have as climbers to the natural environment. I hope to bring forth discussions on ethics in climbing, the psychology of risk-taking, our role as ecological stewards, and more. While I realize I have not been in this game for very long, I do not see why constructive, reflective, and empowering conversations must wait to be had.

More personal info coming soon!

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Nov ’20: Podcast with Gus Morton of Thereabouts: Outspoken

Apr ’21: IG Live with Chris Stricklen/ Specialized

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