Quick Utah Recap & Thayer Glacier Headwall

North Sister (10,085ft) via Thayer Glacier Headwall, 2500ft WI1 M3, 20 Apr 2020 With the current global public health pandemic raging and showing no signs of amelioration, we recently cut short a road trip to the southern Utah desert after Zion closed as did numerous other trailheads and state parks. We had started the tripContinue reading “Quick Utah Recap & Thayer Glacier Headwall”

Three Fingered Jack (winter solo)

Three Fingered Jack (7842ft) via South Ridge, 900ft 5.2 M3 Steep Snow, solo, 20 Feb 2020 We have been continually blessed by this winter’s generous warmth and sunshine. Another prime weather window that allowed for beautiful skinning to Bachelor’s summit a couple days earlier got me itching to get back into the real mountains again.Continue reading “Three Fingered Jack (winter solo)”

Winter Corn on McLoughlin

Mt McLoughlin (9495ft) via East Ridge, 4500ft Easy Snow, 12 Feb 2020 Life in Bend, at least for me, falls into a comfortable rhythm in which a cycle of schoolwork, hanging out with friends, celebrating 21st birthdays at the bars on Sunday nights, conducting research interviews (more on that later) and climbing at Smith makesContinue reading “Winter Corn on McLoughlin”